Thursday, January 3, 2013

So...We meet

My name is Shelley. You could have probably figured that out from the title of the blog and I hope you did, but I didn't want to assume too much. My Husband-Man was a little confused when I told him what I wanted to name it. But then he often looks at me with his confused face. Not sure if I'm the confusing one or if he's just easily confused, but that's totally off topic. (FWIW, I'm pretty sure I'm the confusing one)

I figure it's only fair to share a little about me with you, since I really want you to hit the subscribe button (I hope). I am currently 30 years of age and the mother of two beautiful boys. M is 12 and G is 19 months. One of my favorite activities is staring at them because as I said, they are beautiful. This is closely followed by kissing them and then by hugging them while telling them how much I love them. I try to do this a few hundred times a day. Sometimes (not all the time) I'm successful.

And how did these beautiful specimens of incredibleness come to be mine you ask? Well I'll tell you... (not the dirty details though...because that would be dirty...)

M was born when I was 18. He was the product of a youthful indiscretion and the very best thing that ever happened to me. He taught me how to be a mom and about the meaning of life (I'll share that in a later post). He's truly a blessing and while I would never want to see another young girl follow in my footsteps, I can say that I honestly think I was supposed to have him so young. His open and loving demeanor made me exactly who I am today and I thank God for him (and my others) just about every other minute.

G came along right after my 3rd wedding anniversary to Husband-Man. We weren't planning him but apparently God was. He's a bright light and so fun to watch. He's to his babbly stage and the "getting in to whatever my little hands can find" stage is upon us as well. Husband-Man and I regularly look at him in awe. Life would have been so boring without the little Bug. While I was writing this, he opened a huge box of Goldfish crackers that his big brother left in his reach and dumped them all over the floor. Our dog was delighted.

So as you've heard by now I am married. I call him Husband-Man since he is my superhero. He's my best friend. My champion. My biggest antagonist (yep..I said it) and I really couldn't tell you what I would do without him. The day I met him was one of the luckiest days of my life. We've been together for over a decade but have only been married for a little under 4 years. I've learned a lot from Husband-Man and I like to think he's learned a lot from me, but I can't be sure...Confused face and all.

The gift of Husband-Man was a twofer because he came with a daughter as well. The beautiful R, who is 18 years old and now away at college. She's quite a bit like her father, witty, a regular wearer of smartyassed-pants, and incredibly smart. Like, scarily so. We miss her quite a bit now that she's gone away but she does come back often to visit. She's one of my favorite people because while we butt heads pretty often, she gets me in a way no one else really does. I really love that about her.

So, now for a little about me specifically. I was born and raised in Louisville, Ky and I still live there to this day. Though I wouldn't mind relocating at some point. I do love Louisville but there is a whole big world out there for the taking and I want to take my little piece, eventually. I consider Hawai'i my second home since Husband-Man and I were married there and regularly visit our friends and o'hana down there. It's one of my most favorite places ever and I find great peace there. The beaches are gorgeous and the pace of life is slower. Ahhh Hawai'i...

Music = life in my family. Husband-Man plays guitar, R plays violin, M plays cello, I play the flute (not recently though) and we all, even G, sing. I'm pretty sure we could all be in the same room together and one of us could start humming and the others would pick it up immediately. We just live for music. So expect quite a few ramblings on musics I love, have just learned about, and can't stand. I'm sure we won't always agree but it'll be fun to see where we differ.

I love to read and hope that occasionally I'll be able to post reviews of books that I've read. I have to tell you right away that I have a bent toward the supernatural. I read a lot of urban fantasy and supernatural romances. I'll try to publish a list of my favorites soon.

I love anything Harry Potter. I read the series at least twice a year and am completely devoted to all things Harry. Harry is my homeboy. Long live Harry!

I am NOT, however a 50 Shades Fan. I think it is the most horribly written piece of tripe ever. Great concept. HORRID execution. But more power to E.L. James for being able to make it into the cash cow I'm sure it has been for her. do detect a little jealousy. I won't lie.

Random fact: I have also been growing out my hair for the past two years and am excited about the fact that it is the longest it has ever been in my life. Just a few more inches maybe 2 or 3) and it will reach the small of my back. I am constantly trying to find new ways to wear it and most of the time they don't work out. But maybe I'll share some of those disasters too.

I'll also be undertaking a weight loss journey this year. You can bet I'll be posting about that as well. If I'm losing weight I'm gonna be bragging about it. And hopefully motivating any of you who'd like to do the same.

For the moment this is all I have I don't want to overwhelm you. Happy reading and I really hope you'll stick with me on this journey.



Tavia said...

love it!! i am looking forward to reading more!!

Shelley Frank said...

Thanks Tavia! I enjoyed your blog as well.